How to use solo ads with and acquire countless targeted traffic

How to use solo ads with and acquire countless targeted traffic

Affiliate marketing and making money online is the next big thing

So you have probably must thinking to become an affiliate or maybe you are one already.

If you are an affiliate then you have made a great decision, congratulations because affiliate marketing and making money online is the next big thing and it will become even bigger in the next ten years. But of course in the next ten years it will be very saturated so starting now is a great thing to so. se solo ads with

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Using solo ads with to get very targeted instant traffic

So you are an affiliate. You probably want  good quality, targeted traffic to drive to your landing page. This is what this post is all about.

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I am going to show you how to use solo ads with to start driving targeted traffic to your landing pages.

There are many solo ad sites. Udimi sadly doesn’t have many niches available but it has some, and the quality is very good.

A Solo ad is basically you creating an email with a link in it, and giving that email to an internet marketer who already has a big list with thousands of subscribers that are around your niche, and the internet marketer will send your email to his big targeted list.

In solo ads you usually buy clicks-meaning that you are going to find someone (a solo ad seller)to  give him an email (email-swipe is the same thing) to send to his list and you are going to pay him according to high much clicks you want your link in your email/swipe to get.

So if you want to give him an email to send to his list and want your link in your email/swipe to get 100 clicks, you pay him for 100 clicks.

You basically pay him per click.

Solo ads are great because you can find solo ad sellers that have a big list of subscribers who are already interested in your niche, so you get targeted traffic.


Step 1. Go to and create an account. You can create a free account.

Home page (I have hidden my account’s name and details)


Step 2. Write your email/swipe

First you need to create your swipe/email.

At the left of the page, go to “ad texts”, then “Email Solo Ad”

Make sure you write a good email with a great headline and a good copy. Then put the link of your landing page somewhere for people to check it out and then click save.


Step 3. Find a solo ad seller for your niche

Then at the top of the site, go to “find sellers”. We are going to find a seller to order clicks from.

**You can select to view the selers by how much they charge per click–at the top of the site.

You will see a long list of sellers that are about a certain niche. You can chose to view sellers of another niche at the top right of the site.

You will see a long list of sellers that are about that niche.

There are upvotes and down votes on each seller. The upvotes is a positive review that people gave because the got the clicks (traffic) they order for.

The people who down voted the seller are the ones that they didn’t got as many clicks as they order. So you have find sellers that will deliver your traffic.



Step 4. Order how many clicks you want

So find a select, click on him, then select how many clicks you want to order from him.

Select the email swipe that you have previously written.

Then click “ad to cart”. You can pay with paypal.


So that was how you can order clicks from -using solo ads. There are many more solo ad sites. You can find another site with solo ads sellers that sells solo ads. Just make a search on google. You might need to do that in case udimi doesn’t have solo ad sellers for your niche.



Having an email list advantages:

  • You can send people to your content to create interest and some trust and hen send them a promotion o a product
  • You can automated your entire online selling process

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