Solo Ad Guru

Solo Ad Guru

I want to start by giving you a background on Solo Ad Guru . Here’s how I define solo ads for the purpose of this training: a Solo Ad Guru is an email advertisement that you will purchase from someone else in your niche that has an email list. That person will send your email advertisement out to their list recommending that their subscribers take a look at your ad. That’s my formal definition of solo ads.
When you think about purchasing a solo ad, you’re purchasing an email that’s going to be sent out to somebody who is in your niche that has subscribers on their list who meet your target market. In that email there is going to be either a link to an opt-in page so that people can become subscribers on your list, or, there will be a link to a sales page if you prefer to build your list with buyers instead of subscribers.
I’m going to teach you how to find people in your niche from whom to purchase solo ads. I’ll also give you some of the details for how you can continually grow your list over time through the use of these solo ads.


Intro Solo Ad Guru

I want to start by giving you a background on solo ads. Here’s how I define solo ads for the purpose of this training: a Solo Ad Guru is an email advertisement that you will purchase from someone else in your niche that has an email list. That person will send your email advertisement out to their list recommending that their subscribers take a look at your ad. That’s my formal definition of solo ads.
When you think about purchasing a solo ad, you’re purchasing an email that’s going to be sent out to somebody who is in your niche that has subscribers on their list who meet your target market. In that email there is going to be either a link to an opt-in page so that people can become subscribers on your list, or, there will be a link to a sales page if you prefer to build your list with buyers instead of subscribers.
I’m going to teach you how to find people in your niche from whom to purchase solo ads. I’ll also give you some of the details for how you can continually grow your list over time through the use of these solo ads.

When to Avoid Commercial Solo Ad Guru Providers

Before I get into the core techniques, I want to warn you to be careful with commercial Solo Ad Guru providers: What I’m going to teach you is how to find people whose list you can mail, so you can purchase solo ads from individuals who are in the business of building a quality niche list just like you are. I want to contrast that against a commercial Solo Ad Guru  provider.

What is a commercial Solo Ad Guru provider?

That is generally someone who has created a list for the express purpose of selling you a mailing to their list. What happens here is, if someone is in the business only of getting as many clicks as possible to your email advertisement (so that you will purchase that Solo Ad Guru from that individual) their goal is to find as many subscribers as possible who like to click ads. That’s their goal – at least, that’s their secondary goal.
Their first goal is to sell as many solo ads as possible.
Somehow they need to get folks on their list, so thy’re perhaps going to buy a Solo Ad Guru   to somebody else’s list so that they can get say 10k subscribers on their list. Maybe they buy 100 solo ads, get 100 subscribers from each solo add, and now they have a list of 10k Solo Ad Guru  subscribers. Then they sell 2 solo ads a day morning and night and send this list of 10k your ad in the morning, somebody else’s in the afternoon, somebody else’s the next morning, somebody else’s in the afternoon.
What happens to the quality of this list? It just goes down, and down, and down, and down.
As a result of this, if you buy solo ads from those types of commercial Solo Ad Guru  providers you’re not going to get the kind of results that you can get from solo ads. I think that this is where some of the confusion has come in with solo ads.

When we have a discussion about solo ads, and I say “Hey, I ran a Solo Ad Guru , and did really well with it,” then next week, I say phrase “Be really careful with solo ads,” there’s a real disconnect there!
The problem is, I’m using the word Solo Ad Guru  to describe two different things. They’re both solo ads, and that’s why I’m using that word to describe both things. In one case, I’m using the word solo ad to describe what originally was a Solo Ad Guru – an email ad drop with a reputable niche list. That is where you contact an individual and you say “hey, can I mail to your list, and what’s it going to cost me?”
Now, because of all these commercial Solo Ad Guru  providers, you might be thinking when you hear Solo Ad Guru  provider: “okay, let me go to this list of 25 people who sell solo ads, because I bought the list somewhere and it’s a great list and everybody’s really excited about it, I’m just going to go buy a bunch of solo ads and build a list.”
Because you heard me say in one breath “I bought a Solo Ad Guru  and it converted, I’ve used solo ads to generate traffic.” Maybe you didn’t hear me say “You don’t want to buy those commercial solo ads.” I just want to be really clear here that you’re going to go out and you’re going to find solo ads to lists who are not mailed a whole lot of solo ads. Instead, the list has been built for the purpose of monetizing it in-house.
When you mail a Solo Ad Guru  to a list that’s been built in-house, it’s going to be mailed to a strong list. Just like if you mailed to my list, or you’ve mailed to your list. You’re building a strong quality list of people who really trust you.
Let’s just say someone did come to you and they said “Hey, I’ve got something I offer that I believe would be valuable to your subscribers. Would you be interested in mailing it to your list (for a fee or a payment, of course)? Let’s just say that you say “I might be interested, let me see the offer, how much are you interested in paying?” And the person says “Well, I’ll give you $300 for mailing this offer out to your list.” You look at it and you think that will really help my list. Yes, I’ll take the $300 and you mail it out to your list.
If you only do that once or twice a month, you and your client, the person that bought that Solo Ad Guru  from you, are likely going to get a good response from that mailing. We contrast that from what I just shared with you where somebody’s mailing twice a day these 3rd party offers, and conversion just really tends to go down.
Now, having said all of that, you CAN try out and test Solo Ad Guru  providers from the commercial sources . . . just be sure and test each one individually for not only new subscribers, but for sales.
Commercial Solo Ad Guru  sellers can be an easy way to get fast leads, but if you spend $1000 and get 1000 leads who never ever buy . . .then it’s not a good investment.
All of that said . . test and try Solo Ad Guru  providers, but recognize the possible pitfalls.
Two sources of Solo Ad Guru  providers:
That’s a POWERFUL Solo Ad Guru  source . .
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Solo Ad Success System

Free Leads System

  • How Do You Find Solo Ad Guru in Your Niche?

  • You’re going to find other people who have lists, and then you’re going to go out and ask them if you can buy a mailing to their lists. In a sentence, that’s exactly what you’re going to do.
    I’m going to give you step by step exactly what to do and how to do it:
    The very first thing that you’re going to do is you are going to build your own private in-house list of other people who have lists in your niche. You may want to open a new email address (so you can use a throwaway email address). Or you can use another email address that’s on your server. This is going to be a separate email address.
    You’re going to join everybody’s list in your niche. Now, if you’re in a huge niche you may not want to join everybody’s list. You want to join 50 or 100 lists in your niche. You’re going to get emails from the lists you’ve joined. Some people may mail once or twice a day. If you join 100 lists on your main email address and everybody sends out 1 email a day, you’re going to get an extra 100 emails to your inbox; it’s going to be distracting. Set up a new email address 
    Again, you’re going to join everybody’s list in your niche that you can possibly join. I’m going to give you a few creative ways to do that quickly in just a moment.
    However, before I give that to you I want to say this: you may find that you’re already a member of 3 or 4 lists. You may find that some of the people whose lists you’re on send you, from time to time, offers to get on someone else’s list. There’s an organic process here. In the course of reading your email you can unsubscribe from the main list and resubscribe with email address you’re doing this monitoring from. Get them all into that central location. You’re going to want them in a central location that you can scroll through them. I’ll teach you that in just a moment.
    Make an effort to join every list possible when the opportunity arises. In 30 days you may be on 15 or 20 or 25 lists anyhow. You want to make this happen really quickly. There’s a few different ways that you can do it:
     Go to your favorite search engine and type in your niche name. Get on any lists you come to.

 You can type 25 different keywords that are related to what you’re doing – you don’t have to limit it to just one. You just scroll through every single one of those listings and look for ways to get on someone’s list.
If someone doesn’t have a way to get onto their list, you can probably assume that they either don’t have a list, or they’re not aggressively building one. Maybe they don’t care about mailing to their list. They’re probably not a great prospect anyhow for what we’re talking about here.
So you should not go out of your way to find a way to get on someone’s list. If they’re not advertising “get on my list” or f you go to someone’s blog, and there’s no opt-in that says “Hey, get a free gift for giving me your name and email address.” There’s not a pop-up that says “Here’s a free gift for getting onto my list, click here.” If you’re not seeing any of that occur, then don’t go out of the way to get onto that person’s list. My guess is that they’re not actively building or developing that list.
Even if they’re mailing, if they’re not fresh with their list, this is probably not the kind of list that you want to mail. If someone aggressively built their list 3 years ago, but they’re not adding any new subscribers today, the list probably does not have enough people on it who are currently interested in your topic for you to invest anyhow.
Go through the search rankings, look for squeeze pages, look for opt-in forms, and you’re just going to sign up for all of them. Every single one that you find. 50, 100, whatever.


Finding Paid Solo Ad Guru From  Adwords Listings


The second place that you can go is the pay-per-click ads. In your search engine, the top, or the side the search page, you may find some advertisements that you can click through. Click through them all. Some of those are going to be squeeze pages.
What do we know about those advertisements? These people are serious about building their lists. Why? They’re paying $1 per click or $5 per click or $2 a subscriber or whatever the case is; they’re paying good money to build their list right now.
That tells us two things:
 #1, they’re aggressive about building their list.
 #2, and this is really good for you, what we usually know about people who that are paying money to build a list is that they’re not fully monetizing those leads right away.
If it takes someone 45 days to break even on their leads, but they’re paying a search engine provider $100 / day for those leads, there’s a cash flow disconnect. If you go to that individual, you can make an offer that you will pay $2 / subscriber they bring to you. All they have to do is: as soon as somebody joins the list, send them your squeeze page, or even have your squeeze page on their immediate download page, and you’ll pay them $2 / subscriber.
Let me show you want that looks like:
Let’s say that Johnny is advertising over on one of the search engines. Johnny is paying $1 per click, and he’s getting a 33% conversion rate. So 1 out of 3 people becomes a subscriber. 1 out


of 3 people becomes a subscriber and he’s paying $1 per click, he’s paying $3 / subscriber. He’s probably not monetizing that right away.
Of course, there’s one way for you to find out: you go ahead and sign up for the list. Is there a good one-time offer there? Is there an up-sell? When you get on his list is there an aggressive offer to get you to invest in something in the first day or two?
Maybe you look at the offer and you think, “I don’t know how he’s breaking even on this.” It’s costing him $300 for 100 subscribers, I don’t see how he’s making $300 here. We probably know that this individual will allow you to immediately mail his list, put it into his email campaign, or even put your opt-in box on his download page. If he’s paying $3 / subscriber.
If perhaps 50% of those subscribers were to become your subscribers as well, and you were to pay him $2 apiece, he’s going to immediately get a return of $1 per subscriber on his leads. He’s getting $2 for the ones that you buy, and you’re only buying half of them, because only half of them opt-in to you. His lead cost goes from $3 to $2 immediately because you’re doing this. Some people like to monetize their leads right away; they may have 3 offers just like that… and you’re one of those offers.
This is a unique situation with people that are buying leads, and we know that they’re buying leads, so that’s a tactic you can try if you see an ad campaign that seems successful.

Mining Email Lists for Opportunity


Now you’ve gotten on 50 people’s lists. You’re going to get an email every day, or every other day, from these 50 people in this specialized email account.
What you’re going to do is: for the 1st 30 days you’re going to open every email that you get in that email account.
Please let me say this, if you’re opening 50 emails a day, you MUST become methodical about it and only spend 20 seconds on each email. All you want to do is open the emails, maybe click some of the links in the emails.
Get a feel for what Julie is doing on her list. Is she just spamming everybody all the time? What kind of offers does Julie have? Johnny over here, what kind of list does he have? He’s always sending out only high-quality information. You may even want to have a notebook and put Johnny’s name, and Julie’s name, and Becky’s name, and Tom’s name, and write down your feelings about the list. Are they good emails? Are they connecting?
Here’s the thing, if you mail to a list that you feel good about the emails, you’re probably going to get a really good response. Which means that you can pay more for that solo ad.
But, if you don’t feel good about the email campaign, if you feel like that person is just sell, sell, sell and there’s no relationship building… You probably don’t want to mail that person’s list at all. Maybe you should even unsubscribe from that list so that it comes out of your collection of potential people to buy from.


In 30 days we’re going to go back to this list of 50 email lists to ask them if we can do a solo ad. I’ll teach you how to do that in just a moment.

Another Reason to Monitor Mailing Lists

There’s another purpose to clicking every one of those emails, every single day. Remember, it should only take you 20 minutes to do the 50 emails. They’re in a separate email account, which you’re going to open only once day. You’re not going to open it every 10 minutes like you might do with your smart phone.
This is going to be something you only do once a day. But every single time that somebody sends you an offer to get on somebody else’s list, you’re going to take up the offer. After a month you might be on 100 lists instead of 50 lists.
Here’s what you’ll do after 30 days – and you’ll do this by hand. Sometimes people want to automate things. Sometimes it’s boring to hand mail 100 emails. I know, I’ve done it before. Sometimes it’s boring. But the return on investment is incredible. If you try to do something sneaky like BCC 100 people, people know it. Do you know it when somebody BCC’s you? You do, right? You know it? I know it. They know it. If they see that, it’s not a personal email anymore. You think it is, and you’re trying to pull off as a personal email, but it’s not a personal email, you know it, and they know it.
You’re going to do this by hand.
Now, you can hire someone to do this for you, but hire someone you trust. Don’t go over to a freelancing website and hire somebody you don’t know to do this as their first project for you. If they don’t do it right, you’ve lost all of the goodwill and energy and effort that you’ve put into this project for the last 30 days.
This is going to take a good bit of time. And actually, I don’t recommend you outsource it. Do it yourself. There’s plenty of other routine things that you can do in your business. But getting an intimate gut feeling for the kinds of people who are in your niche that you can build a relationship with and make a lot of money on these relationships – possibly for the rest of your life, but certainly as long as you run your business – that’s something you want to do.
This is something that you want to be…
A) set up right, not to say that if you outsource it, it won’t be done right. But if you hire somebody brand new you don’t know if it will be done right.
B) there is a value in just having a feeling for each one of these people’s lists, and you can’t buy a feeling. You can’t pay Becky $300 to give you a feeling. What you have to do is, you have to go out there and get that feeling yourself.
By taking 20 minutes every single day and just reading everybody’s email. That’s the only way you’ll find out… is Tom a good guy? Is Becky a good gal? Is Mark a good guy? Is Johnny a good guy? Is Steven a good guy? That’s the only way that you’ll find out.

Sample Email Script

After 30 days you’re going to write each person a personalized email. I’m going to give you a sample script here. But, it’s just a sample. The reason I stress this is so often when I use the word script, people just copy and paste what I say. But, it doesn’t fit your style.
I’m going to give you some words that I might use if I were to pen this email right now:
This email is basically going to tell them “Hey, I have a list in your niche, I think it could be valuable to your subscribers, would you be interested in doing some kind of mailing?”
There’s a few different ways that you can phrase that, I’ll write what I would uses if I were to be emailing someone today. But 30 days from now it might be different. It would be the words that I came up with that day. Today it might look like:
Dear Johnny,
My name is John Doe, and I’ve been on your list for about 30 days. I appreciate the value that you give your subscribers. (Or maybe you’ve learned something from that list, I appreciate the things that I’ve learned from you. Or, maybe you’ve bought something from them. I appreciated learning about X Y Z in your A B C training.) I’ve got a quick question for you. I’m in kind of a related niche, I teach people how to do X Y Z, and I believe that some of my training might be helpful to some of your subscribers. Would you be open to talking about doing some kind of mailing or Solo Ad Guru  or ad swap, etc. to your list? If so, let me know.
And, you can let them hit reply to the email.
If you would like to use Skype perhaps, say, “hey, here’s my Skype handle.” Or here’s my email address. Or, if you would like to talk to them on the phone, you could include your phone number.
Trust me, you’re mailing professional list owners that have real lists. You’re not going to get a whole bunch of phone calls from people that are going to waste your time. If they call you, it’s going to be a valuable 5-minute phone call. You put your phone number in the email: they call you, or they Skype you, or they email you back. They say “I would like to know a little bit more about what you have, or what your offer is, or what you want to do.” If they don’t look at the offer, that’s a red flag right there, they SHOULD look at the offer.

Talking with the List Owner

Then you talk about what you want to do. In this discussion (and this can be done via email, Skype, telephone, whatever) you’re going to find out a few things. How many subscribers do they have? If someone has 7 subscribers, you probably don’t want to mail their list. Here’s a sample conversation:
“How many subscribers do you have?”
“Well, I have 1700 subscribers. I have 7k subscribers.”


“How many clicks or opens do you normally get?”

Now, when I’ve taught this in the past, people sometimes ask me, “well, what’s a good open rate and good click-through rate?” It doesn’t matter. It’s not relevant, I don’t care. Somebody could have a 2% click through rate and I could make a lot of money on that mailing. Somebody else could have a 30% click-through rate, but the people on their list are not buyers. I won’t make any money at all. For me to give you a click-through rate, or an open rate as a guideline would just lead you astray. I’m not going to give you one. There isn’t one.
You’re just going to listen to what’s happening for the person you’re talking to is saying: if the person says, “well, normally I get 4 clicks per email,” that’s probably not somebody you want to mail to.
If they say, “I get 50 or 100 clicks per mailing,” that’s more what you want to mail to if you’re just getting started.
If somebody says I get 2k clicks per mailing, that may be somebody you want to mail to, but if it’s your very first solo ad, you probably don’t. Here’s why:
A 2k click Solo Ad Guru  is going to be much more expensive than a 50 click solo ad. And if you’ve never done a solo ad, you have absolutely no idea if your offer is going to convert when you send it out. So you really need to get some 50 or 100 or 200 clicks under your belt just to find out if your offer converts. If you’ve just written a squeeze page, and you’re not experienced in the business, you have absolutely no idea if it’s going to convert.
If the 2000-click list owner happens to be the first person you talk to, you could suggest “Well, let’s just mail a portion of your list, and see how the offer does.” Tell the truth: “It’s a brand new offer, I’m not sure how well it will convert, why don’t we just mail 10% of your list and see what happens, if it goes well, hey, we’ll ramp up and mail the whole thing, or we’ll mail 50% of it, or whatever the case is.”

Determining How Much to Pay

Then you’re going to have to agree on a price. That’s another question I get “What’s a fair price?” I’m not going to give you an exact price here. I hesitate to name anything at all, but I know you want something.
Let me try and explain: I want you to get the picture that it’s okay to pay $20 / subscriber if you have a back end in place and those are good subscribers and you end up making $200 a piece on them. It’s okay to pay $20 / subscriber.
On the other hand, it’s not okay to pay 10¢ for a subscriber if all you’re going to be able to do is turn that 10¢ subscriber into 20¢ in revenue.
The number that you’re going to pay per click or per subscriber should be dictated based on your potential revenue from whatever it is you’re doing.
For example, if you are able to generate $20 per subscriber over the course of the year, you might be willing to pay $2 or $3 per subscriber up front to build your list.


What if you’re just starting out, and you have no idea about your back end? You don’t even have a product, you’re just trying to get 500 subscribers on your list so that you can send them some emails and find out what kind of product you should make…
Maybe you pay $2 / subscriber, so it’ll cost you $1k to get 500 subscribers, and you’re not going to make any money on these individuals right away. You’re going to have to create your product. It might take you 2 weeks to create your product the way that I teach to create a product. So you’ll get a percentage of those people to buy, and maybe you’ll break even on your ad. But you’re not going to have anything to sell them the first 2 weeks.
When you build that first part of the list, you simply have to look at it as an investment. Once you’ve done this 25 times, you should know over time how much you make on average per subscriber. Why don’t I give you a quick formula?
Let’s just say that you get 1k new subscribers every single month. And you generate $20k every single month. You’re averaging $20 / subscriber.
Another way to look at this would be to look at an actual basket of subscribers. Let’s say you get 1k subscribers. Then you track THOSE 1k subscribers separately from everybody else for a year, and those 1k subscribers generate $20k. That’s another way to do it.
I find that just using the monthly new subscribers, divided into the total number of revenue that you have, gives you a nice average.
Now, if one month you generate 100 subscribers because you don’t do much of anything, and the next month you spend $5k and get 2k subscribers, and the next month you only get 100 subscribers, then you have to take a rolling average of the number of subscribers each month and divide that into a rolling average of your revenue because your revenue is going to be driven by the number of new subscribers, but it’s not going to correlate month to month. The reason for this is because people don’t make all of their expenditures the first month they get on your list. I think that’s enough depth on that.
It’s just a quick process: how many subscribers are you getting, how much money are you making, that’s your $/subscriber. Once you know that, then you can think about how much can I pay per subscriber.
Normally when you buy your solo ad, you can negotiate to pay per subscriber. Paying per click is more common. Obviously, per click becomes a little bit tricky, because you don’t know what your subscriber cost is going to be, especially for the first few solo ads that you run. Let’s just imagine that you have an opt-in page that has a 25% conversion rate. You want to be at $2 / subscriber. Then you’re going to have to get 4 visitors, or 4 clicks, to get one subscriber. So you’re going to want to pay 50¢/click to get to $2 / subscriber.
You may be talking with someone they’ll only sell you something that’s $1/click. You have to ask yourself, is this list going to be strong enough that I can monetize $4 / subscriber? Again, if it’s your first list, set $1k aside and just use that as your seed money, as your investment money, to build that first list of 500 or 1k individuals.
Your pricing is just going to be a negotiation.


Ad Swaps

When I gave the sample letter above, I asked if the list owner was interested in doing some kind of mailing – perhaps a Solo Ad Guru  or an ad swap.
Let’s talk about what an ad swap is.
An ad swap is a Solo Ad Guru  where you give them a reciprocating solo ad. Instead of paying Johnny $300 to mail your ad to his list, and then having him pay you $300 to mail his ad to your list, you just do a swap. He mails your list, and you mail his list.
Those are the steps to driving traffic with solo ads and finding your own Solo Ad Guru  providers.

ListsBuying Ad Drops to Very Large

There are two more things I want to share with you to wrap up this training.
From time to time you’ll come across some big emailers in your niche. Maybe somebody that has a 150k subscribers. And they don’t go by “Johnny” anymore. They go by the such-and-such mailing corporation. At first glance you might look at that and think they’re commercial and not a good fit for you.
But, if they’re not in the business of selling as many solo ads as possible, they may be a good choice. Maybe they advertise that five times a month they open up a Solo Ad Guru  spot. That may be an email that you could be interested in sending.
With those types of relationships, you basically buy your way in. They’re saying we do five mailings a month, and to mail to our list it’s $2k a mailing. This is what it is. Because it’s a huge, mass list, you’re probably not going to get the same conversion rate response as you would on a smaller list.
As you grow your business… let’s say you’re running something new, and you want to get 5k subscribers next month, well that’s a lot of work if you do it 50 subscribers per mailing. But, if you can get two people, or two companies that can get you 2k subscribers each in their mailings, that’s 4k subscribers right away. Then 20 little guys to give you 50 apiece, so you’ve got your 5k.
So sometimes having a big mailer, even if the quality is a little bit lower, can work well to get you sheer volume. I’ve done that before. I’ve bought lots of quality ads. I really wanted to hit some numbers. I bought a couple of big ads that the quality wasn’t there, but if I broke even or better when you average it all together, it works out and I’ve got the numbers.


Track Everything


The second thing that I want to give you is this: you should keep track of everything that you do. I like to use a spreadsheet. You can just use a basic spreadsheet.
Across the top your columns read:


 Name of Provider
 Email Address Where Provider Can Be Reached
 How Much Money Paid
 How Many Clicks Promised or Estimated?
 How Many Clicks Actually Received
 Dollars per click (divide the dollars spent by the number of clicks)
 Subscribers Received
 Dollars per subscriber (divide the number of subscribers by the number of clicks)
This is not going to be useful information the first 30 days, or really the first 60 days.
You’re going to go out and say you mailed 30 solo ads the second month. In the first month you’re doing your research. The second month you mailed 30 solo ads. You’re going to write all this information down on your spreadsheet. It’s not going to mean anything to you until the end of the second month.
After you’ve done all your mailings, then you’re going to sort the list by dollar per subscriber.
You’re going to find that 50% of that list (I’m going to tell a funny here) 50% of that list is going to be above average. 50% of that list is going to be below average 😉
You may not mail to the half that’s below average. Or maybe you won’t mail to the bottom 20% in the future. The only way that you’ll remember down the road not to mail to these people is to keep records. You can just keep a record of it in your handy-dandy spreadsheet and 5 years from now you can look back, and when you’re thinking about doing a mailing to Johnny, you can reference it. You’ll say, “I know I mailed from Johnny before, Johnny mailed for me before, how did it work out? Aww, conversion was really, really low. Maybe I should tell Johnny I’m not interested in doing this right now. Or maybe I should tell Johnny that conversion was really low last time, the only way I can do this is if we split the price in half.” Whatever the case is.
Let me say this also. From time to time, you run 30 solo ads. One or two people are frankly not going to perform on what they promised. They may have lied to you about the size of their list. That happens. It just happens. Recognize that a percentage of people will do that. At the end of the day you still have some average subscriber cost. If you use your emotional energy being bitter towards that person, if you use your emotional energy to say, “you know what, Johnny lied to me and I spent $200, and I lost that money.” And then next month you decide you’re not doing any solo ads ever again because Johnny stole your money… Well, you’re not going to build a business. If you run 30 solo ads and 25 people perform, and you put 5 people on your blacklist, you know what… thumbs up! You’ve done a good job, and next month, you know the 25 people you can talk with.
The next thing that you can add into your spreadsheet, if you so desire, and if you have things set up in your business to track this, is to track the money you generate over the course of the next year, and tie it to a particular lead source.

If you have the capacity to do that without too much work it’s nice to say that Johnny’s subscribers made you $55/ea., but Becky’s subscribers only made you $7/ea. What does this mean? It means that a year down the road, when you’re thinking about running solo ads again, you know that you can spend everything that you have on Johnny, but you’re not going to spend anything with Becky.


The 3rd Month


The final step here is the 3rd month…
 The 1st month is research.
 The 2nd month is you buy your 30 ads (or 5, or 60, whatever your budget is)
By the way, if you run three ads your first month, two of them could flop. All three of them could flop. If that’s your budget, that’s okay. Just recognize that if all three of them flop, it doesn’t mean that this doesn’t work for you. That doesn’t mean that everybody in your niche is a liar and a cheat, it just means that the three that you happened to choose were the same three that would have been on the list of 30 that were bad ones. It’s just bad luck.
The more that you can mail (I like to start with a minimum 10), the better overall picture of what’s going on that you’ll be able to come up with.
 The 1st 30 days, research.
 The 2nd 30 days 30 mailings.
 The 3rd 30 days you’re going to go back and you’re going to find the best mailings that you did.
Find the top 15 people. You’re going to go back to those individuals, and say, “Hey, would you like to do another mailing?” And, assuming that they didn’t get too many complaints from their subscribers about your offer, they’ll probably take your money and do another mailing.
What does this mean? This means that every single month, after the 1st month, it doesn’t take a whole lot of work to run these solo ads. Over time you’ll just get a feel for which lists are good. You can keep joining lists and you’ll get a feel for the ones showing promise.
Over time, if you’ll do this diligently, spending an hour or two a week, you’ll be able to mail: 5, 10, 15 solo ads a week. And, over time, you’ll get to the place where you’re only willing to mail bigger solo ads. So instead of running 30, 50 subscriber solo ads, you run 30, 100 subscriber ads. Then 30, 200 subscriber ads. Then 30, 1000 subscriber solo ads. This allows your business to grow organically and naturally over time.

Buy Traffic Solo Ads

How to use solo ads with and acquire countless targeted traffic

What is a Solo Ad? Solo Ad Secrets

How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using Solo Ads The Right Way – 3 Step Strategy Reveals How

Get 1000+ fresh opt-in leads every 24 hours!



Solo Ads Today

Buy Traffic Solo Ads

How to use solo ads with and acquire countless targeted traffic

What is a Solo Ad? Solo Ad Secrets

How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using Solo Ads The Right Way – 3 Step Strategy Reveals How

Get 1000+ fresh opt-in leads every 24 hours!


How To Increase Affiliate Sales Using Solo Ads The Right Way – 3 Step Strategy Reveals How

How To Increase Affiliate Sales victimisation Solo Ads the correct method – three Step Strategy Reveals however

Solo ads ar an excellent strategy for affiliate marketers to extend affiliate sales directly or indirectly.

Many marketers across varied niches pay lots of cash and time building their email lists, they fight to make a consumers list so that they will use it to sell their own product or affiliate product.

And some of these marketers can enable you to send your own story to their list (i.e. dealing their list), and this can be what solo ads is all concerning.

Since you’ll be able to faucet into alternative marketers list, it provides you with a simple thanks to generate targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.

If you’re craving for direct clicks to your affiliate link then you’ll be able to place it in your solo ad copy, though if you direct the solo ads click to your product review page then you’ll accomplish higher conversion results.

That’s as a result of you’ll be able to hardly establish the product’s quality in Associate in Nursing email message.

Solo ads is thought-about as a sort of performance selling as a result of most marketers can charge you merely for clicks generated from your solo ad. it’s almost like pay per click ads model that Google, Facebook, and Twitter run.

Write a Clickable decision to Action

C.T.A or decision to action is that the text you write before your affiliate link, or the anchor text of your affiliate link itself. it’s usually unnoticed by several affiliate marketers United Nations agency purchase solo ads.

It is well-tried that a well written C.T.A cannot solely increase your email click through rate however conjointly increase the engagement on your affiliate review page once they click your link.

You need to avoid over optimizing your C.T.A, within the sense that, you shouldn’t overwhelm your readers with multiple tasks to perform and instead keep your C.T.A centered on one profit they’re going to get once clicking your affiliate link.

For example, within the following C.T.A:

“Click here to Signup X-Product to Access our Membership Area”

…You ar asking your readers to try and do three tasks, Signup & Access Member space. whereas this can be still an honest C.T.A, it but split their focus 3 ways.

A better easier C.T.A can be:

“Click here to Signup to our Membership Area”

It is additional direct and users can arrive to your page knowing what to try and do, that successively can boost your signup rate by several folds since your readers can head to your page and not become distracted by the rest.

Where to Link your Solo Ad to

Some affiliate marketers can be the temptation of directly linking their solo ad to their affiliate provide victimisation their affiliate link.

However you’ll be able to link your solo ad to your sales funnel that may be either:

Squeeze page
Product Review page
If you direct your solo ad traffic to your squeeze page, it’ll assist you build your list quick.

List building could be a terribly effective technique in affiliate selling, because it permits affiliates to raised sell their product. rigorously nurturing your list subscribers and developing a trust can yield in higher conversion rates. And that’s why grouping leads via solo ads isn’t such a foul plan.

Linking your solo ad to your affiliate review page could be a good way to stipulate the advantage of the merchandise and showing however smart it’s.

Your solo ad email copy is incredibly restricted within the variety of words you’ll be able to place in, and inserting pictures in your email message isn’t such an honest plan.

Many email purchasers won’t show your pictures by default as a result of they fight to shield their users from potential threads and conjointly to optimize the e-mail loading speed.

This leaves you with restricted choices once making an attempt to pitch your affiliate product right into your solo ad. And conjointly highlight the importance of linking your solo ad to your review page so you’ll be able to place no matter you wish there with none restrictions.

How to Write your Solo Ad Copy

Your solo ad copy is that the actual email message that may be sent to the list subscribers.

When you ar writing your solo ad email you ought to forget that you simply do affiliate selling, and instead activate the “copywriter mode” within you. as a result of email copies normally mustn’t be promotional and making an attempt to sell product like affiliate selling is.

Your solo ad is simply like every email message you sent many times. begin with the topic line, it must be catchy.

There is Associate in Nursing previous locution “You can’t decide a book by its cover”, Well my friend, this doesn’t apply here.

People really can decide your email from its cowl (subject line), therefore you wish to be terribly careful with it.
The first issue the solo ad readers can see is that the subject line of the e-mail. Writing a catchy and emotional subject line will facilitate increase your open rates.

Don’t be ambitious in your subject line, as a result of such emails may be confused with spam product. You instead wish your subject line to be as short as potential and however provide a singular profit and resolution to your target market.

Don’t place “Re:” in your subject line in an effort to fool the readers of thinking that this can be a follow-up email.

People ar sensible enough to catch those dirty tough, and that they won’t solely ignore the e-mail, they’re going to even mark it as spam therefore it won’t seem in their inbox ever once more.

Another vital a part of your solo ad is that the email body itself.

Long email messages aren’t solely arduous to scan however conjointly boring. If you’re golf stroke your review page link within the email then try and speak 1st concerning the issues individuals have in your niche, this fashion you’ll be able to show them that you simply ar Associate in Nursing skilled and grasp what you’re talking concerning.

After that, create a soft introduction to your affiliate product and connect with finding the matter you mentioned, and so add your C.T.A at the tip.

Don’t be ambitious concerning the merchandise and will continuously keep in mind that your goal isn’t to sell the merchandise during this email message, however instead you’re making an attempt to form them click your link.

Affiliate selling victimisation solo ads is well-tried persistently to figure and generate affiliate sales. similar to the other paid campaign, you wish to continuously check your campaign and take a look at completely different solo ads suppliers to match the conversion rates.

Many affiliate selling courses and blogs can teach you the way to try and do solo ads to come up with affiliate sales.

Combine that with alternative affiliate selling techniques found here and you ought to be able to get your affiliate web site running and creating sales.

What is a Solo Ad? Solo Ad Secrets

How to use solo ads with and acquire countless targeted traffic

How to use solo ads with and acquire countless targeted traffic

How to use solo ads with and acquire countless targeted traffic

Affiliate marketing and making money online is the next big thing

So you have probably must thinking to become an affiliate or maybe you are one already.

If you are an affiliate then you have made a great decision, congratulations because affiliate marketing and making money online is the next big thing and it will become even bigger in the next ten years. But of course in the next ten years it will be very saturated so starting now is a great thing to so. se solo ads with

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads





Using solo ads with to get very targeted instant traffic

So you are an affiliate. You probably want  good quality, targeted traffic to drive to your landing page. This is what this post is all about.

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I am going to show you how to use solo ads with to start driving targeted traffic to your landing pages.

There are many solo ad sites. Udimi sadly doesn’t have many niches available but it has some, and the quality is very good.

A Solo ad is basically you creating an email with a link in it, and giving that email to an internet marketer who already has a big list with thousands of subscribers that are around your niche, and the internet marketer will send your email to his big targeted list.

In solo ads you usually buy clicks-meaning that you are going to find someone (a solo ad seller)to  give him an email (email-swipe is the same thing) to send to his list and you are going to pay him according to high much clicks you want your link in your email/swipe to get.

So if you want to give him an email to send to his list and want your link in your email/swipe to get 100 clicks, you pay him for 100 clicks.

You basically pay him per click.

Solo ads are great because you can find solo ad sellers that have a big list of subscribers who are already interested in your niche, so you get targeted traffic.


Step 1. Go to and create an account. You can create a free account.

Home page (I have hidden my account’s name and details)


Step 2. Write your email/swipe

First you need to create your swipe/email.

At the left of the page, go to “ad texts”, then “Email Solo Ad”

Make sure you write a good email with a great headline and a good copy. Then put the link of your landing page somewhere for people to check it out and then click save.


Step 3. Find a solo ad seller for your niche

Then at the top of the site, go to “find sellers”. We are going to find a seller to order clicks from.

**You can select to view the selers by how much they charge per click–at the top of the site.

You will see a long list of sellers that are about a certain niche. You can chose to view sellers of another niche at the top right of the site.

You will see a long list of sellers that are about that niche.

There are upvotes and down votes on each seller. The upvotes is a positive review that people gave because the got the clicks (traffic) they order for.

The people who down voted the seller are the ones that they didn’t got as many clicks as they order. So you have find sellers that will deliver your traffic.



Step 4. Order how many clicks you want

So find a select, click on him, then select how many clicks you want to order from him.

Select the email swipe that you have previously written.

Then click “ad to cart”. You can pay with paypal.


So that was how you can order clicks from -using solo ads. There are many more solo ad sites. You can find another site with solo ads sellers that sells solo ads. Just make a search on google. You might need to do that in case udimi doesn’t have solo ad sellers for your niche.



Having an email list advantages:

  • You can send people to your content to create interest and some trust and hen send them a promotion o a product
  • You can automated your entire online selling process

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Solo Ad Secrets what ?

What is a Solo Ad? Solo Ad Secrets



What is a Solo Ad? Solo Ad Secrets

What is a Solo Ad? Solo Ad Secrets

Would you prefer to understand some Solo Ad Secrets ?
First things initial lets begin of with explaining what specifically a solo ad is…

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“***What may be a Solo Ad ?Solo Ad, solo Ad Secrets
If you’re new on-line selling this phrase has in all probability been thrown around quite an ton. And your in all probability curious….What specifically may be a Solo Ad. What it will do for me? What area unit the solo ad secrets ? however specifically will it will grow my business? And ultimately however do i am going concerning finding solo ad suppliers.



What is a Solo Ad ?
A Solo Ad may be a type of advertising (a list “rental” if you will) that’s sent bent a complete or portion of associate email subscriber list

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What {you area unit|you’re} essentially doing is shopping for targeted traffic to your webpage or affiliate links that you simply are wanting to push. I in person use solo ads to still build my list, and work closely with affiliate firms to understand that product area unit changing well (solo ad secret, list building ). this manner I cowl my face prices to advertise with affiliate sales commissions, all whereas adding to my list size. (And typically I even commence profitable!) *If I lost you there, don’t worry simply perceive that, your shopping for solo ads to either: A. makes sales, B. collect emails/names to make your own list or C. do both.

How to search for hundreds of Domains marked with $ 9 and sell immediately. And to earn thousands of dollars

Rules to making a productive Solo advertising campaign
Come up with a catchy subject line. attempt to keep the topic line short, sweet and appealing. consider recent headlines from selling firms that enticed you to open their email. you may wish to use similar if not a similar subject lines as those. (BUT KEEP IT RELEVANT, no one hates something over clicking one thing and obtaining directed to one thing fully completely different, you may get a high click rate, however your optin rate are terrible. in addition as your unsubscribe rate can undergo the roof!) Solo Ad Secrets Silver Rule
Use artistic language throughout the e-mail. A fun fascinating article that’s not wordy is simpler to browse than a extended business article that’s dry. Keep your email colloquial and easy. Use easy words and supply VALUABLE info for your reader.
Be specific with what you’re advertising . Be clear in your intentions of the e-mail. certify everything written in your email is written with a purpose. don’t confuse the reader with what they’re reading, or with what you’re giving.
Be sure to incorporate links to what’s you’re promoting. provide the reader multiple choices to decide on from. most are completely different. One person might want to browse a post on the most recent cookery techniques and therefore the different might want to look at a video. Learn what CONTENT your market needs to receive and your golden. Solo Ad Secrets Bronze Rule
Make sure you recognize your target market, and what they opted into your list for. If the squeeze page told them that they were older an inventory to receive a lot of info concerning tea kettles, don’t send them an advertisement on motor vehicle parts(common sense stuff guys, however you’d be surprised). this may over doubtless cause them to unsubscribe from your list, and mark you as a sender. And if you didn’t understand, each of these things area unit dangerous. Solo Ad Secrets Golden Rule
Learn to use these five useful tips to your solo advertising campaign, and watch the cash begin rolling in.

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Solo Ad Secrets what ? Solo Ad Secrets Ohh My !

How to use solo ads with and acquire countless targeted traffic